An update on the Library App's sudden disappearance

On the first of December we received the unwelcome news that the app which allowed our customers to access their library accounts on mobile devices had, inexplicably, been disabled and rendered unusable.

We had hoped the issue would be resolved however it soon became apparent that we were just a small player in a global outage and there was little hope of the app being restored.

This was a real blow, and it caused a good deal of confusion because the app still appeared to be working but was no longer showing up to date information. It was a real headache.

But there was good news

Dunedin Public Libraries belong to a consortium of forty-one New Zealand Libraries called Kōtui which is managed by the Department of Internal Affairs. As soon as the app became unstable the fabulous technical staff at Kōtui found us an excellent work around. They were able to turn on a mobile version of our catalogue access called Enterprise, and this is a very handy wee tool indeed.

How to use the workaround – place holds, search the catalogue, renew, and create lists.

To login to your library account on a mobile device, you need to:

  • Search for Dunedin Public Libraries website
  • Check that Catalogue is selected, scroll down and tap Go.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the next screen to login. Use your same password/pin and library card number to login. This will take you to the Main Menu:

If you tap Home you will go straight to the catalogue search page that also shows our new titles. There is a drop-down menu beside Dunedin New Hot Picks to access more lists.

To access your account, tap My Account and view the following:

In Personal Information you can see your name and contact information (if this needs to be updated please scroll to the bottom of the Catalogue page to find the Contact Us form).

You can also change your Password/Pin to something you prefer. For many customers the pin will be their date of birth shortened but this can be changed to anything that is between 4-20 characters using numbers or letters.

You can also select your preferences:

  • For which list you would like to select as a default (more on that in a minute).
  • Where you would like to pick your holds up from as a default.
  • And whether you would like to be able to view your previous two years Checkout History (very handy if you have forgotten the name of an author or book).

Viewing and renewing your Checkouts:

In checkouts you can select to view your Digital Checkouts (eBooks etc), your physical Checkouts and the list of your Checkout History if you have selected this as a preference.

To Renew either tap the Renew Checkouts link to renew all or the three vertical dots beside each title to renew individual items.

Do you like to make Lists?

A list allows you to curate lists of books for later reading, keep a record of the title in a series, or remember books that have been recommended etc. It is then easy to go back to your list when you are ready and place a hold if the title is on loan or you need it sent to another pickup location.

To make a list of items you want to remember for later:

  • Select My Lists from the Main Menu
  • Tap the three vertical dots to Select an Action

To create a list, Select an Action and choose Add List. You can then give your list a name. You can also select to save a Temporary List for later viewing and give that list a name.

To add to an existing list tap on the three vertical dots in the catalogue record and Select an Action to Add to My List. You will be shown your lists and can select the appropriate one. If you choose the wrong one you can move things around.

You can also select to Email the catalogue details of an item if you prefer.

We hope to bring you the new version of the mobile app in the first quarter of the year. But until then please do give this a try. Enterprise (the product) provides good functionality, and the only real downside is that you have to login each time.

There is some generic Help information available at the bottom of the Main Menu if you would like to learn more about Enterprise, and as always we are very happy to help.

Fiona Knudson, Manager Content and Access.