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Picture Books

Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon, Rachel Valentine

Marmaduke is a small orange dragon with big ears and unusual wings. All the other dragons are big and purple and have princesses to protect. Far away Princess Meg dances out of her castle and into the dark and scary forest. When Meg calls for help Marmaduke comes to the rescue.

Hugo and the Tortoise, Raja Hidzir

When Hugo finds a tortoise he names it Boris and decides they will work together on a school project. He straps a video camera to Boris’s back and starts filming a tortoise’s eye view of the world. The next day Boris disappears. When the video camera turns up in the mail, it shows where Boris had gone.

Fiction 7–9

Awful Auntie, David Walliams

Stella is locked in the coal hole in Saxby Hall by her awful aunt Alberta. Stella’s parents are dead Alberta wants to sell Saxby Hall and gamble with the money. Stella escapes with the help of Soot, the chimneysweep ghost and together they work to defeat Aunt Albert and her pet, the giant owl, Wagner.

Quinny & Hopper, Adriana Schanen

Quinny’s first friend in her new home is Freya the hen. Her second friend is Hopper. Quinny is impulsive, fast and loud. Hopper is careful, quiet and meticulous. They work together to try and catch Freya who has escaped from her coop. Then school starts and third grade produces more problems.

Fiction 10+

The Great Greene Heist, Varian Johnson

Jackson Greene has a reputation as a prankster. He has reformed, but that suddenly changes. Jackson learns of plans to rig the results of the class elections and re-direct the funds from some after-school clubs. Soon there are plots and counterplots, some sabotage and an attempt to rig the ballot.

The Iron Trial, Holly Black

Callum’s father has always told him to never trust a magician. But Callum has a natural talent for magic. So he goes to a boarding school, the Magisterium, to learn to become a magician. Callum feels out of place as he starts working towards the Iron Trial, the exam for first year students.