There are essentially two flavours of eReader available on the market today:

  • Dedicated eReaders (Kobo, Amazon Kindle etc.) built solely for reading eBooks
  • Other devices (computers, smartphones etc.) that use software (applications) to read eBooks

 Dedicated eReaders - make & model comparisons


ModelIndicative CostWifiTouchDictionaryText-to-SpeechAdjustable FontsFormats
Sony PRS-T1$229YesYesYesNoYesEPUB
Kobo Vox eReader$399YesYesYesYesYesEPUB
Kobo Touch eReader$249YesYesYesNoYesEPUB
Kobo Wifi$199YesNoYesNoYesEPUB
Dreambook Colour W95$198NoNoNoYesYesEPUB

The table above and related links are a selection of dedicated eReaders available in the marketplace and not an endorsement of any particular product or vendor by us. Supported formats mentioned are indicative only and not a comprehensive list.

For a device to work with the Dunedin Public Libraries eBooks, it must support reading DRM encrypted 'epub' or 'pdf' formats. We recommend you check with your retailer before purchase.

Dedicated eReaders - features to look for

Supported file formatsIt’s best to buy a device that can read multiple file formats. Common file formats include epub, pdf and html. Check to see if DRM is supported.
Wireless or Wi-fiMeans you can connect the eBook to a wireless network to download content.
Battery life and replaceable batteryThe life of your eBook battery is crucial. Some devices can last four weeks without needing to be recharged, others only last a few days. It’s also best to ask if the device has a replaceable battery.
Power optionsMost eReaders can only charge through a computer USB port. With some models you may be able to buy a mains power adapter.
Memory or internal storageAll eReaders have onboard memory. Many also have memory-card slots.
Integrated dictionaryMost devices have an internal dictionary that can easily look up words.
Text-to-speechSome eBooks have audio capability and can actually ‘read’ the book to you. It’s best to test this before purchase.
Weight of deviceDevices vary in weight; try holding the device before buying.
Change of font sizeLook at the ease of reading on screen and the ability to change font size.

Many models are currently scarce in New Zealand. Buy locally if you can; the protections of the Consumer Guarantees Act won’t apply if you buy one from an overseas retailer.

You can purchase Sony eReaders from Sony’s website, Sony Style stores, and selected Borders and Whitcoulls stores. Kobo eReaders are available from Whitcoulls. Bebook Minis and ECO Readers are available for purchase online.

Caution: Be aware that the new Kindle eReaders on sale at DSE and Countdown are not compatible with the eBooks available for download from many libraries, including Dunedin Public Libraries when our eBook service launches.

What other devices can I use as an eReader?

DeviceApplication / Software to Install
Desktops/ laptops (Windows / Mac OS X)Adobe Digital Edition
iPhone, iPad and iPod touchBluefire Reader
Android SmartphoneBluefire Reader / txtr / Aldiko