Useful Terminology


A device is a piece of electronic equipment which enables you to read an eBook. Some popular devices are laptops, desktop computers, iPhones, smartphones or dedicated eReaders (e.g. Kobo, Sony Reader Pocket Edition).


eBooks are electronic books that can be read digitally on a computer, laptop or other devices, such as an eReader or smartphone.

eBook Formats

eBooks come in a variety of formats. Dunedin Public Libraries will offer encrypted 'epub' and 'pdf' formats. epub is fast becoming the standard eBook format.


DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Library eBooks are encypted with DRM to protect from illegal copying and distribution. When you download an eBook from us the eBook format will appear as '.acsm'.

What devices are suitable for reading eBooks?

Any device that can read encrypted 'epub' or 'PDF' files is suitable for reading Library eBooks. Some devices may require separate software (application) to be installed in order to view or download Library eBooks.


An application is software that allows you to read DRM protected Library eBooks on your device. It's usually installed and configured once and can then be used with ease thereafter.