Books to make you hungry

We have added some superb new cook books to our collections. They look good enough to eat, but please don’t - books taste terrible.


The Bacon book: irresistible, mouthwatering recipes!

Norwegian chef and food writer Christopher Sjuve has written this tribute to all things bacon. The book includes the history of bacon and recipes including bacon and egg ice cream.


The breakfast bible

Kate McMillan has created 100 easy recipes to help start the day right.


The Christmas chronicles: notes, stories & 100 essential recipes for midwinter

Nigel Slater shares his love of winter with notes, stories and recipes to help you enjoy the chilly months.


Clara cakes: delicious and simple vegan desserts for everyone

All sorts of delicious cakes, biscuits and puddings in this new vegan dessert book by the LA based owner of Clara Cakes.


Debbie Macomber's table: sharing the joy of cooking with family and friends

Bestselling novelist Debbie Macomber shares her favourite recipes along with family stories in her new cookbook.


The European cake cookbook : discover a new world of decadence from the celebrated traditions of European baking

Tatyana Nesteruk takes us on a delicious journey through Europe to show us the cake baking traditions of different countries.


Fat for fuel ketogenic cookbook: recipes and ketogenic keys to health from a world-class doctor and an internationally renowned chef

Dr Joseph Mercola and Australian chef Pete Evans have produced this book to explain ketogenic eating. The book contains recipes and explains cooking techniques to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your food.


Finding fire: cooking at its most elemental

Lennox Hastie is the owner and chef of  Firedoor in Sydney, Australia’a only wood fuelled restaurant. In this book he explains how to build a good quality fire and includes over 90 recipes.


Geek sweets: an adventurer's guide to baking wizardry : 60+ recipes to level up your baking game!

Jenny Burgesse is a graphic designer by day and creative baker by night. This book is packed full of adorable cupcakes and biscuits for any special occasion.


A grandfather's lessons: in the kitchen with Shorey

Jacques Pépin created these simple and elegant recipes to cook with his granddaughter.



Karena and Kasey Bird are back with their second gorgeous cookbook. This time they share recipes from their travels overseas plus recipes created at home in New Zealand.


Kitchen creativity: unlocking culinary genius--with wisdom, inspiration, and ideas from the world's most creative chefs

Learn to think, innovate and cook like a chef with this chunky book written by Karen Page.


Over easy: sweet and savory recipes for leisurely days

Food blogger Joy Wilson (Joy the baker) gives us 125 new brunch recipes from cocktails to burgers.


Rasika: flavors of India

British-Iranian cook Yasmin Khan travelled through Iran to find the country’s most delicious recipes for this book.


Sheet pan magic: one pan, one meal, no fuss!

Sue Quinn has created 70 recipes for you to cook using just one pan. One meal, one pan, no fuss!


Smith & daughters: a cookbook (that happens to be vegan)

Vegan recipes from the owners of Melbourne’s Smith and Daughters restaurant.


Solo food: 72 recipes for you alone

Enjoy these 72 simple, delicious recipes for one created by Dutch culinary journalist Janneke Vreugdenhil.


The street food secret: a how to book

Enjoy the tastiness of street food without having to leave the house. Great recipe ideas for celebrating with family or friends.


Too good to waste: how to eat everything

London based food writer Victoria Glass shows us 100 ways to use up leftovers and food scraps.


Twist: creative ideas to reinvent your baking

Martha Collison gives a new twist on traditional baking. We’d like a slice of the ginger and rhubarb cake right this instant!


The wizard's cookbook: magical recipes inspired by Harry Potter, Merlin, the Wizard of Oz, and more

Former librarian Aurélia Beaupommier, has created these magical recipes inspired by fictional characters.