NCEA Art Pages

Dunedin Public Libraries has a variety of hard copy and digital resources that you will find useful when researching Art and Art History.


The Dictionary of Art

Held on the first floor of the City Library, reference only. Ask at the desk.

Covers artists, patrons, artistic groups, sites, cities, countries, cultures, peoples, periodicals, art forms, materials, techniques, technical terms, iconography, religions, art theories and abstract concepts.

Art Index

Held on the first floor of the City Library, reference only. Ask at the desk.

A reference only index to domestic and foreign publications.



This well-organised website has information on artists and artworks as well as artistic movements. It has a superb search engine that is easy to use.

The National Gallery, London

The National Gallery in London houses one of the greatest collections of Western European painting in the world.

Art History Resources

This site is a great starting point for art history. It covers art history of all cultures from prehistory to the present day.

Art Daily

The first art newspaper on the Internet.

Art Movements Directory

Art Movements is a quick reference guide to the various art movements and periods throughout history. It includes images,brief biographies and additional resources.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

The Dunedin Public Art Gallery holds a fine collection of European art, including paintings by Monet, Gainsborough, Turner,Rosa, Claude Lorraine, Burne-Jones and Tissot.

History of Photography

Explore major milestones in the history of photography, from the first photograph ever captured to today’s iconic images,and learn more about this thriving art.