A selection of new books for children.


The Teddy Robber. Ian Beck
A sad story with a happy ending, The Teddy Robber is about a brave boy Tom who chases after a huge giant who has stolen his teddy bear. Inside the giant's castle are all the lost teddies in the world. Read how Tom saves his teddy - and the other lost teddies too!


To the Moon and Back.  Dianne Bates
This story about an eight year-old girl is set in Australia, and is about her struggles with her parents’ separation. Claire has to move with her mother and her new partner to another place and start a new life without her friends, toys and beloved father. She finds all the changes very difficult, especially when she has to move again to a place in the country which has no electricity, no TV, and no internet. With each move Claire finds herself further away from her father and she wonders if she will ever see him again. However, Claire gradually rises above her sadness and learns to adapt to the changes and even to embrace her new life and family.

Although this book is 291 pages long it is written in simple, honest language that will speak straight to the hearts of children going through similar difficulties. 


The Magic Misfits. Neil Patrick Harris
This is a fabulous book about an orphan boy who doesn't believe in magic but can do magic tricks. When he runs away from his evil uncle he comes to a new town where he meets other misfits like himself and learns about the magic of belonging. Included within the story are some great tips on how to perform magic tricks.