Window of Shanghai

Dunedin Public Libraries 'Window of Shanghai' collection was kindly donated by the Shanghai Public Library in 2008 as part of its 'Window of Shanghai' Programme - an integral part of the 'China Book International' Project.

The collection aims to introduce Chinese history and culture to overseas readers, promote Chinese civilizations, and publicise new progress by means of donating books to foreign libraries and related institutions.

Since the establishment of its new building in 1998, Shanghai Library has been engaged in extensive book exchanges with 150 libraries and 30 research institutes in over 20 countries/regions.

In 2003, "Window of Shanghai" was set up in libraries of the sister cities of Shanghai or via friendly agreements with other cities, as the first attempt to go beyond book exchanges.

The "Window of Shanghai" seeks to redress the limited Chinese language holdings in overseas libraries, and to provide overseas readers with more access to the latest Chinese publications.

As feedback reveals, these donations have helped strengthen the bonds between overseas Chinese and their motherland, while assisting other readers to cultivate a better understanding of Chinese culture and the progress following the reform and opening-up of China. Cooperation is expected to last three years.

Dunedin Public Libraries had an initial donation of 200 books and may receive 100 more at yearly intervals.

Some of the books are aimed at children while most are of adult interest across many subject areas with luscious illustrations.

The collection located on the first floor of the City Library, was launched on 26th November 2008 in the presence of the Mayor, Peter Chin and two representatives of the Shanghai Public Library.

Access to e-books in Chinese is available via the Shanghai Public Library link below.

Window Of Shanghai