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PressReader content access changes from 18 September, 2021.

As of 18 September, Allied Press Ltd has decided to remove offsite access to all of their titles through PressReader for all libraries in the lower South Island.  This means that you will no longer be able to access titles such as the Otago Daily Times from home through the PressReader website or app.  You can still access Allied Press titles through PressReader while in library buildings.

Please note this change ONLY impacts Allied Press Ltd newspapers and magazines, and all other titles are fully available as normal through both the website and app.

Allied Press Titles impacted:

  • Otago Daily Times
  • Ashburton Courier
  • Central Rural Life
  • Hokitika Guardian
  • Mountain Scene
  • Oamaru Mail
  • Southern Rural Life
  • The Courier
  • The Ensign
  • The Greymouth Star
  • The News (Central Otago)
  • The News (North Canterbury)
  • Southland Express
  • The Star 
  • The West Coast Messenger

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

PressReader change from November 2019

Stuff NZ Ltd PressReader titles are no longer available for you to access from home via our website.
Stuff NZ Ltd content is now only available to customers on-site using a library computer, phone or device when connected to the library wifi. Patrons can still use their own devices on-site as long as they are using the website and not the PressReader app.

The titles affected by this change are:

  • Sunday Star Times
  • Sunday News
  • Southland Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Waikato Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Dominion Post (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • The Press (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Nelson Mail (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Timaru Herald (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Manawatu Standard (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Taranaki Daily News (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Marlborough Express
  • TV Guide
  • NZ House and Garden

Stuff NZ Ltd has changed ownership and these new restrictions have been applied by the new owners and affect all PressReader library customers.

The following print newspapers are available for browsing on the 1st Floor of the City Library.

  • Alexandra - News
  • Auckland - Sunday Star Times
  • Balclutha - Clutha Leader
  • Dunedin - Otago Daily Times
  • Dunedin - Star (now incorporating the Taieri Times)
  • Gore - Ensign
  • Invercargill - Southland Express
  • Invercargill - The Southland Times
  • Oamaru - Oamaru Mail
  • Queenstown - Mountain Scene
  • Timaru - Courier

Community Libraries have copies of the Otago Daily Times and Southland Times.

Older local newspapers are held in the Heritage Newspaper collections on the 3rd floor.

New Zealand News Websites

Otago Daily Times

Ashburton Guardian

Christchurch Press