Fees and Loans

Books (four week loan) Free
Magazines (two week loan)  
Talking books (four week loan)  
CDs (four week loan)  
DVDs (Non Fiction, Floor 1)


DVDs (1 week loan) $2.00
DVDs (2 week loan) $4.00
Hot picks
Hot Picks Books (two week loan) $5.00
Hot Picks DVDs (one week loan) $4.00
Hot Picks Magazines (one week loan) $2.50
Hot Picks Voucher Pack (6 Hot Picks vouchers) $25.00
City Library parking (per hour) $2.00
Create and supply digital image, per image $35.00
Inter–loan (plus any additional charges over the standard fee) $10.00
Membership card replacement (Adult) $4.00
Membership card replacement (Child) $2.00
Non–residential membership (per family per year) $150.00
Photocopying (black and white, A3, per side) $0.30
Photocopying (black and white, A4, per side) $0.20
Photocopying (colour, A3, per side) $2.00
Photocopying (colour, A4, per side) $1.00
Research enquiries undertaken by staff (per hour) $70.00
Overdue and hold fees
Holds charge (per item) $1.50
Holds Voucher Pack (6 Holds vouchers) $6.00
Overdue (per item, per day, Adult) $0.50
Overdue Hot Picks (per item, per day, Adult) $1.00
Loss and damage charges
Overdue/Account charge per lost item (Adult) $7.50
Account charge per lost item (Child) $2.50
Processing Fee per item $10.00