Books for Babies


One of the best gifts you can give your child is a love of books.

The Library’s Books for Babies scheme provides every newborn in Dunedin, approximately 2,000 every year, with a free library pack and book, courtesy of the University Bookshop and Friends of the Library.

A card from Dunedin Public Libraries offers you access to a magic world of five Libraries and two Bookbuses, each offering a treasure trove of stories, information, music and movies.

Books for Babies Basics

Babies love to snuggle, so why not snuggle up with your baby and a book and read together? Your baby will enjoy hearing your voice and looking at the pictures while in a safe, warm place – your lap.

The Listener 0 – 2 Months

At this age babies have a limited range of vision, so books with bright bold patterns are perfect. Books with rhymes and rhythm are also well loved.

The Observer 2 – 4 Months

Again, books with bold, bright designs and high-contrast illustrations are a hit. Have a conversation and talk with your baby about the pictures.

The Cooer 4 – 8 Months

Touch-and-feel books, stimulating a range of senses, are a favourite with many babies at this age. Board books are also useful as baby learns to grasp. It’s a great idea to include a few books in the toy box, so baby can enjoy them alongside other toys.

The Babbler 8 – 12 Months

Lift-the-flaps books provide lots of fun at this stage. Baby will soon be starting to talk, so hearing a wide variety of words is more important than ever. Have a conversation and talk with your baby about the pictures.

Every baby needs a lap so why not lap it up with a book?