South Dunedin’s Community Pop-up has been open since September, and people are happily discovering the library inside this great community space. 

Walking into the new Community Pop-up in Hillside Road, you’re struck by the delightful contrast between the large, plain industrial buildings outside, and the fabulous fresh colourful space inside, with beautiful artworks on the walls, and vibrant decor.

South Dunedin Community Librarian, Dianne Mears says, “A lot of people have been popping their heads in just to see what’s in the space, and what we have. A lot of people hadn’t realised that we have library books for them to borrow, and that they can have free access to the computers. So they’re pleasantly surprised to find that there’s a library here, as well as a Service Centre where they can do their rates rebates and things.”

The staff at the Library are thrilled with their new facility, describing it as a “little gem”. It’s clear alot of thought has gone into the planning of the space, and it certainly does feel welcoming, bright and open. Library Assistant, Melloney Meek, has noticed the space is used a great deal by retired people at the moment, and is a boon for those who are not particularly mobile and find it difficult to get to the City Library. “We have been reactivating a lot of library cards for people who had stopped using them, because it was too difficult for them to get to the Library in the city centre, and now find they can enjoy borrowing books again,” she says.

The ‘hot desk’ facility at the Library is proving popular with local groups and organisations, enabling them to engage with the community on things like Civil Defence, Neighbourhood Watch and Community Law. There is a JP service on Tuesdays from 11am to 1pm. On Wednesdays, Neighbourhood Support have the hot desk and on Fridays it’s the turn of Age Concern. So if you’re looking for local information, the Pop-up is the place to come!

South Dunedin Community Hub: 199 Hillside Road, South Dunedin