A selection of recommended reads for children.

Picture Books

When We Go Camping. Sally Sutton, illustrated by Cat Chapman

Sally Sutton’s story of a typical Kiwi family camping trip captures all the excitement of a summer holiday outdoors. It is wonderful for reading aloud, with a nice easy rhythm following the tune of Here we Go Round the Mulberry Bush. The humorous and busy illustrations contain all the perfect little details including cooking marshmallows over the campfire, bathing in the sea, helping do the dishes outside and even a possum in the loo!

The Water Princess. Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Based on real life, this gentle story tackles the serious global issue of a lack of clean drinking water. Gie Gie lives in an African village. Early each morning she makes the long walk with her mother to collect water for her family, dancing and singing all the way. We experience the vast beauty of Africa but we also learn the difficulty of finding clean water. The stunning illustrations in vibrant shades of yellow, brown and orange evoke the hot African earth and sun.

Fiction 7-9

The Fox and the Ghost King. Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Michael Foreman

A master storyteller and an award-winning illustrator combine to make this book magical! The central characters are an endearing family of football-loving foxes who support Leicester City (also named “Foxes”), who have been losing badly. When Father and son fox accidentally discover King Richard III is buried under a car park the fortunes of the football team change! Inspired by Leicester City Football Club’s historic Premier League win, this story will particularly appeal to young football fans.

King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor. Andy Riley

Nine-year-old Edwin is an ordinary boy except for one thing: he is the king! However Edwin’s kingdom is threatened by the very evil Emperor Nurbison who lives next door. This hilarious story is filled with quirky characters with very funny names. The first book in this original series it will make you laugh out loud! The accompanying illustrations will also make you giggle.

Fiction 10+

When the Lyrebird Calls. Kim Kane

Twelve year old Madeleine is sent to stay with her eccentric grandmother for the school holidays at her old cottage. Madeleine discovers a hidden cupboard in her bedroom in which lies a very old pair of beautiful handmade shoes and a list of names. When Madeleine takes them to Lyrebird House to donate them to the museum, the story takes a twist - when Madeleine is wandering in the garden she is somehow transported back in time to 1900 Australia. Beautifully-written, the fascinating story that unfolds combines history, magic and adventure.

Everest (from the The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure series). Bill Doyle and David Borgenicht with David Morton, climbing consultant. Illustrated by Yancey Lahat

This is an interactive story where, as part of the youngest team ever to attempt the climb, you decide how to survive in order to reach the summit of Mount Everest and return safely to base camp. There are twenty-six possible endings to your expedition but only one ends in victory! The illustrations are comic book style and add to the sense of adventure. The story has been created with climbing consultant David Morton, a mountaineer who has actually climbed Everest six times. It is packed with information on mountain climbing and Himalayan culture.