Dyslexia friendly resources

An estimated one in ten New Zealanders have dyslexia.  We have a range of books in various formats which are more accessible for readers of all ages with dyslexia.

For more information about dyslexia in New Zealand, visit Dyslexia Foundation New Zealand.

Print books

Dyslexia-friendly books are printed on an off-white or cream coloured paper and use a font style (such as OpenDyslexic) and size which is often easier for people with dyslexia to read. They are often exactly the same content as ordinary print books, just published in a slightly different format.

We have dyslexia-friendly books for children, teens, and adults.  Most of them are shelved with the other books and all can be easily identified by the eye label Dyslexia friendly resources at the top of the spine.

Finding dyslexia-friendly books

We have a special subject heading on our catalogue so you can search for “dyslexia friendly books” to see a list of all relevant books.  Or click the links below:


The beauty of our Borrowbox eBooks is that any eBook can be easily converted into a more dyslexia-friendly format!  The font can be changed to something you find easier to read, the font size can be adjusted, as can the background colour and layout of the page on the screen.  This gives dyslexic readers of all ages better access to a huge range of titles.

Once you have borrowed an eBook, tap the AA icon to access the settings.  Your preferred settings will be autosaved for each time you open Borrowbox.

Books about dyslexia

We also have many books about dyslexia which may be of interest to people with dyslexia and their family members, friends, and teachers.

If you need help, please ask any of our friendly staff.