Ignition Children's Book Festival 2019

Ignition Festival are proud to announce the winners of the Gobbledegook Poetry Competition, as follows. With grateful thanks to our lead judge, Trish Brooking:

1st Place – Sydney Alva, Queenstown Primary School

2nd Place – Sirennah Taylor, Russley School

3rd Place – Daphne Kendrick, Sacred Heart School

People’s Choice – Samara McCarney, Ashgrove School

The winning poems are reprinted below.

1st Place: Gobbledegook by Sydney Alva, Queenstown Primary School

Fish, Sinker, line, hook,
The order is wrong! said Gobbledegook.

You aim, you roll, it’s just a fluke,
You are no good at this game! cried Gobbledegook.

Simmer, stir turn to cook,
Do I have to do everything? screamed Gobbledegook.

I watched in horror, hadn’t said a thing.
I saw this creature with his poisonous sting.

He stared, I looked, he screamed, I shook.
He had a funny accent and a strange name … fishflukecookgoobbledook?

You stare, I looked.
The name is Gobbledegook,
and then you shook, you said your name is horrorfunnystrangedook? Now that’s an odd name, but look…

I need a pen, some colours and a book,
I have a friend who is very crook.

I’ll make him a kite,
That’ll make it right,
Some bread and curd,
He’ll sing like a bird.

He yelled, I sighed.
He jumped, I cried.
I think he said he liked blue worms fried.

Was this a dream, am I in my bed?
I grabbed a book to knock his head.

A book, yes a book that’s what I said,
Here’s a big hug for my new friend!

And just when I went to smack his mug,
fishflukecookgoobbledook gave me the warmest hug.

2nd Place: Pet Crocodile bySirennah Taylor, Russley School

If I had a pet crododile he would snap like a rhino.
Crawl like a baby
read like my old grandpa
swim like a mouse
climb like me
hide like my shadow
run like a turtle
eat like a cat
Bite like a Dog
swallow like a flamingo
scream like my brother
yawn like my dad, sleep like
my mum

3rd Place: Uncle Brado's House by Daphne Kendrick, Sacred Heart School

Once I went to my Uncle Brado's house.
I quite like it, because he has a pet green mouse!
It has a red nose, just like a clown.
And my Uncle's given it a princess crown!
A purple cage is what it's in.
It isn't too bad, it can at least bend a pin!
But when I arrived, he was grinning.
If it was a grin contest, he would be winning!
"Come and see this!" he said, his legs bouncing.
And when I came in, he started announcing.
But I wasn't listening. I was just staring.
I hadn't even glanced at what he was wearing.
He usually wears something weird,
with a nice, short, brown beard.
Guess what it was? Stairs leading to the sky.
Believe me, those stairs led extremely high!
The staircase went through a hold in the ceiling.
I just can't tell you how I was feeling!
"Climb them and look at the top!" he said, 
his eyes nearly popping out of his head!
So I went to the top and guess what I saw...
A flying bear! How many legs? Not four...
but 5! How crazy is that? But then it spoke...
if de bogle de oke, hoke, boke,
boop lah sac anat op zeer,
Argh! But then I started falling, falling, falling...
I could hear my mother calling, calling, calling...
Then I'm at my house, 
My Uncle Brad's mouse
is gone. Oh no! Now I'm going to his house!
But guess what I do? I run.

People's Choice: Food bySamara McCarney, Ashgrove School

People can't eat food
if it's in a bad mood

I like wolly wapples and wollipops

flollipops flop
on mops

candy is 
very dandy

flozzwing farrots for food fans

Congratulations to all our winners!