August talk Wednesday 25th August, 6pm - 4th floor, City Library

In partnership with the Southern Heritage Trust, Dunedin Public Libraries is pleased to host a series of inspirational talks on the last Wednesday of the month throughout the year, exploring visions of Dunedin’s past, present and perhaps more importantly, its future.


The Museum and Heritage sector has experienced a boom across the late twentieth century and into the twenty-first. At the same time, many commentators have criticised the sector as nostalgic and conservative and called for a reflexive examination into the political, social and economic forces that have and continue to shape our heritage experiences.

What IS the future for Museums and Heritage? Is it possible to look forwards and mobilise our past in a way that engages more widely and more diversely with the critical issues of our times?

This talk does not propose any specific answers, instead it presents some of the current debates within critical heritage studies, and explores suggestions for revitalising our thinking about how we deliver Museum and Heritage experiences.

Jane Macknight is currently (since April 2021) Manager Collections and Exhibitions at Toitū Museum, bringing to this role almost twenty-five years experience in diverse roles across the culture and heritage sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Wednesday 25th August, 6pm
Dunningham Suite, 4th floor, Dunedin City Library