Ka mau te wehi! Congratulations to our finalists for the competition!

Unfortunately we had to cancel our prizegiving ceremonies on 21st August due to the current alert level. We hope to reschedule our National Poetry Day events for later in the year, when we return to alert level 1 and are once more able to host events in the Libraries.

Meanwhile, we can advise the finalists, as follows. We will reserve the public announcement of the place-winners until we can reschedule our National Poetry Day events.

Finalists (nb the order of the following is arbitrary and does not reflect placement):

Aidan Forbes - "The Invisible"

Angus Brown - "Mountain Pass"

Aria Church - "Bees"

Charlotte Drewett - "A Poem to be Yelled"

Findlay Buchanan - "Papatowai"

Hannah Earl - "Skin Deep"

Hannah Earl - "Race Horse"

Holly Coutts - "The Moon"

Jenny Scott - "It's Not Black or White"

Jilly O'Brien - "mother dancer wife spy"

Jim George - "Wail Minutes"

Kayla - "Our Classroom"

Laura Canton - "An Ode to Dido"

Luke Scott - "Papaūānuku

Missy Lee Lodge - "I Am"  

Oshadha Perera - "100°c tears"

Robyn Maree Pickens - "The Art of Losing"