A selection of recommended reads for children.

Picture Books

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist (and Other Things Not to Do). Judi Barrett with art by John Nickle

This hilarious book from the author of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is filled with vibrant illustrations of animals in very comical situations. The simple repetitive text reads well and inspires thought-provoking questions while the accompanying illustrations are filled with details.

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate. Rachel Bright

Love Monster, a cute and endearing fluffy creature, has been on holiday. When he arrives home there is a box of chocolates sitting on the doorstep. He loves chocolates so he is very excited but he can’t decide whether he should he eat them or share them with his friends? The outcome is both surprising and delightful! This is a fun book about friendship with super bright illustrations, great for reading aloud.

Children’s Fiction: 7-9

Waylon! One Awesome Thing. Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Marla Frazee.

This is an illustrated chapter book which is great for both reading aloud and independent reading. The main character is a very likeable 9 year old boy, who enjoys science and inventing things. Waylon’s personal life is getting complicated, making it hard for him to focus on his inventions. However something amazing happens that changes everything! Issues often facing children are tackled in a positive way. This is a refreshing story for boys, at times very funny but also sensitive. A great read!

The Road to Ratenburg. Joy Cowley, illustrated by Gavin Bishop

A family of rats, Spinaker, Retsina and their four ratlets are forced to find a new home. They set out on a long and dangerous quest to find Ratenburg, a safe haven for all rats. The black and white pen and ink drawings by Gavin Bishop capture the essence of the story beautifully. This is another wonderfully imaginative story from Joy Cowley, excellent for reading independently or to read aloud.

Children’s fiction 10+

How Lunchbox Jones saved me from robots, traitors, and Missy the Cruel. Jennifer Brown

Luke’s school has never won anything. Luke has been roped into the robotics club. No-one in the club knows about robots but they are entered in a competition. Luke and `Lunchbox’ work hard getting their robot to perform its allocated tasks and the others work on the presentation. Their first event is against strong competition, will Forest Shade Middle School be able to win?

Cool Nukes. Des Hunt

Max, Jensen and Cleo plan on a cold fusion experiment for their science fair project. They want to produce enough hydrogen and oxygen mixed to produce a small explosion. But their mentor Professor Wilson disappears after his laboratory burns down and Max is targeted by a criminal gang. Can Max and his team overcome the odds enough to win the prize at the science fair?