Lawrie Forbes speaks about his vision for the Atheneum Tuesday 21st July, 5.30pm

WHAT WOULD I DO IF I HAD FOUR MILLION DOLLARS: The Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

In partnership with the Southern Heritage Trust, Dunedin Public Libraries is pleased to host a series of inspirational talks throughout the year, exploring visions of Dunedin’s past, present, and perhaps more importantly its future.

Speaker: Lawrie Forbes, ZealSteel founder and staunch advocate for preserving Dunedin’s built heritage. The Dunedin Athenaeum was 150 years old in May. It once played a very significant part in the educational and social structure of the city and it still houses a small members-only library and a theatre space. But a large part of the building lies neglected and unused.

Lawrie Forbes, well known for his work on the restoration of several of Dunedin’s historic buildings, outlines his vision for the future of the Athenaeum.

The talk will be preceded by light refreshments and the Southern Heritage Trust’s short AGM. ALL WELCOME!

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Tuesday 21 July 5.30pm
Dunningham Suite, 4th floor, City Library