Let us tempt you with a crop of new and exciting reads and movies for the new season

Ben reviews Norse Mythology, written by Neil Gaiman

Rebecca's reviews Followers, written by Megan Angelo

Lauren reviews Convenience Store Woman, written by Sayaka Murata

Emma reviews Genius, a documentary series starring Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn, and Emily Watson

Alyce reviews Auē, written by Becky Manawatu

Rebecca reviews Cat Tale by Craig Pittman

Rachel reviews Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows by Rose Lagercrantz

Rebecca reviews Of Ants and Dinosaurs, written by Cixin Liu

Dianne reviews Something to Talk About, the latest from Australian author Rachael Johns

Rebecca reviews Bird Box, the debut novel from Josh Malerman that became a Netflix sensation

Rebecca reviews Recursion, written by Blake Crouch

Autumn reviews Threebirds Renovations, written by Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless, and Lana Taylor