28th September-10th October

For full Festival details and official film trailers please visit: www.lasffnz.co.nz

The only film festival in New Zealand dedicated to contemporary cimatographic productions from Latin America and Spain. The Festival is run by all the Latin American and Spanish Embassies resident in Wellington along with other Latin American Embassies based in Canberra, Australia. Eleven films subtitled in English will be shown throughout the Festival

Programme (All Screenings: Dunningham Suite, 4th Floor, Dunedin City Library):

Friday 28th September, 6pm : Spain – “Even the Rain”
A Spanish film crew arrives in Bolivia to dish the dirt on Christopher Columbus and his exploitation of native Indian populations during his journeys to the New World. The director, Sebastian, dreams of making an epic that will expose the imperialist sins of his ancestors. But while they are preparing their shoot, they are suddenly confronted by contemporary South American politics. A multinational corporation plans to privatize the city’s water supply, and several locals participating in the filming get involved in increasingly violent demonstrations against the corporate intruders. (The story is set against the real-life water wars in Bolivia in 2000.) At first the filmmakers try to ignore the turmoil, but eventually their project is threatened by the growing unrest.

Saturday 29th September, 2pm : Mexico – “Illusiones S.A.” (Illusions Ltd)
A group of professional actors work for a company that specialises in infiltrating its personnel into real life situations to make people’s dreams come true. One day, they are hired by a wealthy man, Mr Balboa, a grandfather who has attempted to shield his wife from pain by means of faked letters that claim to be from their grandson who left home 20 years previously, portraying him as a good, upstanding citizen, when in fact he is just the opposite. The actors visit the elderly couple for a week’s break, pretending to be the grandson and his wife, but events take a turn for the worst when they are joined by an unexpected guest.

Sunday 30th September, 2pm : Brazil “O Homem Do Futuro” (The Man From the Future)
Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliant scientist, but unhappy because 20 years ago he was publicly humiliated and lost Helena (Aline Moraes), the love of his life. One day, an accidental experience with one of his inventions makes him travel in time, more precisely, to the past. But how many times will he have to change the past?

Monday 1st October, 6pm : Uruquay – “A 60 KM/H” (At 60KMH)
When he was 50 years old, Mario Sabah decided to change his life. He restored his 1977 Citroen and along with his two sons embarked on a trip around the world, taking in 45 countries spanning 5 continents and driving more than 150,000km. Using interviews with the main characters as well as footage shot during the trip, At 60km/h tells a story about family, sacrifice, perserverence, beliefs and the value of keeping your word. At 60km/h is a trip, an adventure. But at the same time it’s a story of making your dreams a reality.

Tuesday 2nd October, 6pm : Costa Rica - “Espejismo” (Reverie)
A young painter named Daniel attempts to drown himself after repeatedly loosing everything he has ever cared for. But as his final breath slips away, his dying mind grants him a final opportunity to relive the tragic events that led to his demise and change the course of his life. It’s within this vision that Daniel’s subconscious manifests itself in the form of his childhood self, in order to guide him through the pitfalls of delusion and show him the path to redemption.

Friday 5th October, 6pm : Chile – “Allende Mi Abuelo Allende” (Beyond My Grandfather Allende)
More than 40 years have passed since a military coup in Chile deposed the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende. The death of Allende and the years that followed have left deep scars in both the country and in Allende’s immediate family. In Beyond My Grandfather Allende, his granddaughter Marcia Tambutti Allende goes in search of Salvador Allende the man. She attempts to reconstruct the past through informal interviews with her family, quickly discovering that they don’t talk about “Chicho”, as he was affectionately known. Memories of him have been buried deep and seem too painful to extract. Nevertheless, the filmmaker’s aged grandmother slowly but surely becomes accustomed to her compassionate but sharp interviewing style and starts to talk more about Allende, her marriage and her role as the president’s wife. Other members of the family, many of whom never knew Allende personally, also start to talk.

Saturday 6th October, 2pm : Argentina - “Sin Hijos” (No Kids)
Gabriel has been divorced for four years now. Since then his 8 year old daughter has been centre of his life. Completely avoiding getting involved in a new romantic relationship, Gabriel focuses all his energy on his daughter and work. This plan gets spoiled when Vicky, a platonic love from his adolescence and now a beautiful and independent woman, appears in his life. When romance is about to start, she has one condition: she would never get involved with a man with children. She just does not want children in her life. When Gabriel is confronted with this, he says he has no children. From that moment on his life becomes a torment, playing every trick at hand in order to hide his child and belongings from Vicky in every date.

Sunday 7th October, 2pm : Cuba – “E Techo” (On the Roof)
In the centre of Havana, on a rooftop, three young friends gather every day to tell stories and dreams, as they struggle to meet the demands of everyday life. In the midst of his boredom, without much resources and fancying prosperity, they decide to set up their own business. The cost of this dream will make them more mature and responsible persons, while providing some sort of happiness in life. 

Monday 8th October, 6pm : Ecuador - “Un Secreto En La Caja” (A Secret in the Box)
A Secret in the Box is a documentary exploring the life of Ecuadorian writer Marcelo Chiriboga, a mythical figure of the 1960s literary phenomenon, the Latin American Boom. Through a series of interviews, visits to different cities, archive material and the author’s most important book, The Imaginary Line, puzzles are weaved, erasing the limits between reality and fiction.

The figure of Chiriboga ends up being a pretext to explore, with humour and irony, various subjects related to national identity: past wars, the indifference towards local literature, and the conflicts/complexities of national ideology, exile and literature.

Tuesday 9th October, 6pm : Peru – “Una Sombre Al Frente” (A Shadow on the Front)
This movie is inspired by real events. Set in the early twentieth century, it tells the story of Enrique Aet, a young Peruvian engineer who seeks to connect the Amazon rainforest with the rest of Peru. First, Aet is involved in the construction of roads and bridges over the rivers of the Amazon. With the fall of a bridge he has an accident and must return to Lima. There he meets Doris, a young bourgeois with whom he initiates an intimate relationship. Then he embarks on a journey to Europe and becomes a telegraph connoisseur. When he returns to Peru, he struggles to apply the progress he knew in the Old Continent to help his own country.

Wednesday 10th October, 6pm : Colombia – “Keyla”Keyla 
Keyla lives with her father on the island of Providencia, a former “land of pirates” in the Colombian Caribbean. On her 17th birthday she waits in vain for her father who went out to sea and has not returned. While searching for him, Keyla receives an unexpected visit: her father’s former wife arrives from Spain with her 13-year-old son Francisco, Keyla’s half-brother. Together with Francisco, Keyla discovers that their father kept a map of the pirate Henry Morgan which shows the location of a hidden treasure. Together they undertake a search and, on this journey, they get to know one another and accept each other as siblings. This is the story of a broken family that, through the loss of one of its members, comes together and works toward reconciliation.