Tuesday 17th June, 6pm

In partnership with Southern Heritage Trust, Dunedin Public Libraries is pleased to host this excellent series of inspirational talks, exploring visions of Dunedin’s past and present and, perhaps more importantly, our visions for its future.

September’s talk is presented by Professor Harlene Hayne, University of Otago Vice-Chancellor.

2019 is a milestone year for the University of Otago. Professor Harlene Hayne describes the legacy that the University’s founders and architects created. She will talk about the visible past and how this “vision” has been maintained. She will also describe the way in which heritage is incorporated into the fabric of everyday life at the University, and what the future holds for the University’s historic treasures and traditions. Finally, she will describe how the University now incorporates Māori art and iconography into the built environment, creating a heritage University with its roots firmly in the Pacific.

TOWN & GOWN is the theme for the 2019 Heritage Festival in partnership with the 150th celebrations. Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 

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Tuesday 17th June, 6pm
Dunningham Suite, 4th Floor, City Library