Sunday 14th April, 11.30am

Sunday 24th March – Sunday 14th April, Ground Floor, City Library

A sacred Tibetan sand mandala has been painstakingly created, grain by grain. Over three weeks by two venerable Geshe, monks from the Dunedin Dhargyey Buddhist Centre - a perfect representation of the cosmos using vividly-coloured crushed marble sand. You have a last chance to see the final days of the work until Sunday, when the Geshe will reverently dismantle the mandala.


Sunday 14th April, 11.30am, Ground Floor City Library

The final event of the sand mandala will be the dissolution ceremony on Sunday 14th April at 11:30am, starting at the Public Library followed by prayers and the distribution of the mandala sand into the Harbour Mouth.

During the dissolution ceremony, the sand of the mandala is swept up by the Lamas and then released into a natural waterway to allow the healing benefits from the mandala to be carried throughout the world. This part of the ceremony is a profound teaching on the transitory nature of all things and carries blessings for the environment and peace and harmony for all beings.

Those attending can join in by throwing flower petals into the ocean during the ceremony. A small bag of blessed sand will be given to those attending.

If people are able to carpool to the Harbour Mouth from the library it would be helpful. We also suggest to bring – warm gear, umbrellas and yoga/picnic mats, the ceremony at the Harbour Mouth may take 20-30 minutes.