Art installation, Ground Floor Cube, City Library - until 31st July

Nocturnal Projections and Other Small Happenings is a group exhibition of renowned sound and light artists from around NZ. They are not a spectacle. They are a series of small interruptions in the wintry Dark Sky landscapes of Dunedin City. These small interruptions will be highlighted by a series of discussions, performances, interviews and other small events.

OPENING NIGHT: July 16th | 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Dunedin Gasworks Museum, 20 Braemar St, Dunedin

A fun evening to celebrate the official opening of Nocturnal Projections & Other Small Happenings, 2019!
There will be exciting live performances by:
Chris Hesitation
the Ghost within
Mr Sic
Fuckault & Kerian Verain

wine , beer, chocolate, and cheese; from Immigrant Vineyard Ruru Wine; Emersons Beer ; Whittakers chocolate, Evansdale Cheese

Exhibitions to view

Rear Window Dunedin Public Art Gallery
(8th July - 1 Sept)
Maori Lane : digital media, tv, Layne Waerea

First Church
(16th July - 26th July)
Leben Young : Untitled ; 3657.6mm x 5486.4mmdigital , multiple screen , projector
Ivan MrSic : digital , side of church, projector (left-hand facing)

Dunedin City Library
(16th July - 31st July)
The Sempiturnal : Dr Jeremy Mayall and Luke McConnell : digital, ground floor, the cube

Gasworks Museum
(16th July - 31st July)
Enlightenment; private view and tonal frequencies : Cath Cocker ; stainless steel, steel flashing, projector, computer, amp, speakers, wood , oscillator

Olga Gallery
(26th - 31st)
Peter Jefferies
band posters for Nocturnal Projections (circa 1980 - 83)