A selection of recommended reads for children.

Picture Books

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. Kenard Pak

How do we know that Autumn is coming? A young child walks through the woods and the town on a late summer morning. The seasonal changes are vividly illustrated in vibrant colours. The child greets each change in nature that she meets along the way. The animals and plants, even the thunder and puddles and chill in the air answer the child, explaining what is happening. This book is beautifully informative and a pleasure to read. The illustrations are particularly engaging.

Me Teddy. Chris McKimmie

This is the scrapbook of the life of Teddy the black Labrador. Teddy is a much loved but naughty pet who gets into lots of mischief. The story of Teddy’s many hilarious escapades is told from his own point of view. The illustrations are detailed, and very funny. This is definitely a book to share and enjoy. If you have a puppy at home you are sure to recognise the trouble Teddy gets into, even though he is “as cute as a button”.

Fiction 7-9

The Next Door Friend. Kim Kane, illustrated by Jon Davis

Perfect for beginning readers this is the sixth book in the series, Ginger Green Play Date Queen. When Ginger plays with her new next door neighbour Edgar, she finds that all he wants to do is play ball games. In this charming and funny story Ginger and Edgar eventually find ways to play together even though Ginger hates ball games!

The Complete Adventures of Figaro and Rumba. Anna Fienberg, illustrated by Stephen Michael King

This book contains two stories. Each story is divided into chapters with bright colourful illustrations, perfect for young readers. Figaro, a dog and his cat-friend, Rumba are very best friends who have some very funny adventures together. These adventures include a cunning crocodile with conga drums, a Cool Cats’ Choir, Nate a possum and Rolando a sloth. These engaging stories with easy language and humorous illustrations are sure to be enjoyed.

Fiction 10+

Little Bits of Sky. S.E. Durrant

Ira and Zac are brother and sister. They are Social Care children or “Care Kids”, and have lived in various foster homes throughout most of their lives. It is 1987 when the children arrive at yet another new home for social care children, called Skilly House, in London. 11-year-old Ira tells the story, in diary-like entries, of the heartaches and joys they experience. Hard to put down, this is a standout read, being both realistic and compassionate, uplifting and heart-warming.

Beetle Boy. M.G. Leonard

This is the first book in a trilogy about a boy, his friends and some super intelligent beetles. When Darkus Cuttle’s dad goes missing from his job at the Natural History Museum, Darkus and his friends try to find out what has happened. Adventure, humour and real science come together in this exciting story.