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Techweek 2019: The Amazon Culture of Innovation

Innovation is essential to growth at Amazon. And not just a few big innovations every year, we need thousands of innovations every day.

In this session we'll share our Amazon culture of innovation, a culture where we start with the customer and work backwards with everything we do. We'll show examples of innovation appearing in unexpected ways and unexpected places across many different domains like books, groceries, video streaming and even delivery by drones.

We'll show how we are a company of builders, the mechanisms we've developed to help people build and highlight how everyone at Amazon actively participates in the innovation process and constantly obsesses over our customers.



With over 25 years tech industry experience across more than 40 countries, Johnathon joined AWS in Singapore in 2014 working with customers across Asia Pacific to design solutions solving business challenges & driving innovation. Since 2016 he has been based in Wellington working with NZ customers.

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Monday 20th May, 11am-12pm
Dunningham Suite, City Library, Moray Place


Tech Week 2019: Tech For Seniors

A Guide to Keeping Yourself Safe Online.
Presented by Jamie Vaughan, ICT Manager for Gallaway C?ook Allan Lawyers, Member of the Institute of Information Technology Professionals NZ.
A fun, free and informative session for anyone who uses computers, tablets, iPads or mobile devices. Jamie will talk about good habits, tips and tricks to keep your data and personal information safe in the ever-changing technological landscape.
All welcome.

Tuesday 21st May, 11am
City Library Gig Hub, Ground Floor

Tech Week: Every Now and Then I Need to Tow a Boat

Everyday questions and mythbusting about Electric Vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand.
Join the panel for a talk about electric vehicles followed by Q&A and light refreshments.
Speakers include: Dave Campbell (introducing UBCO electric utility bikes), James Brundell (Hare & Turtle event and longer journeys by electric vehicle), Nathan Thompson (e-bikes and e-microtransport options), Pam McKinlay (100 years of EV – a brief history).

Wednesday 22nd May, 5.30pm
Dunningham Suite, 4th Floor, City Library

Tech Week 2019: New Truths?

Join Jamie Vaughan, ICT Manager of Gallaway Cook Allen Lawyers, to learn about how to navigate the shark-infested waters of social media. Learn key critical evaluation skills: how to spot fake news and avoid click bait.
All welcome.

Thursday 23rd May, 5.30pm
City Library Gig Hub, Ground Floor