by Kura Jane Carpenter

Kura Jane Carpenter’s latest book takes the cosy murder mystery tradition and wraps it in the guilty pleasure of an adult fairytale, spiced with razor-witted gamut-busting references to pop-culture, folklore and modern tech.

I loved the way it kept me guessing to the end, frustrating my attempts at deduction at every turn, and leaving me frantically turning the page for further clues, as any jolly good mystery should. But I also loved the beautifully-wrought characters, which renders what could so easily have become a lightweight pantomime into a finely constructed story of depth and humanity that left me hungry for more.

The book is fast-paced, packing a chorus of characters, evocative settings, clever plotting and a satisfying no-nonsense denouement into just 160 pages, and Carpenter makes every page count. With so much care invested in even the briefest character appearance, the author has clearly established this as the first in a series of sleuthing forays into these enchanted woods. This is a wyld ride indeed, and I’ve already booked a seat on the stagecoach for a return visit.

Kura Jane Carpenter is a New Zealand author writing paranormal cosy mysteries. In 2019 Kura was the recipient of the Sir Julius Vogel award for Best New Talent for her Dunedin-set "The Kingfisher's Debt

With thanks to Kura Carpenter and Wicked Unicorn Press for the review copy.

Mirror Mirror Who's the Killer is out on 31st October 2022
Author: Kura Jane Carpenter
Publisher: Wicked Unicorn Press, New Zealand
ISBN: 978-1-99-117721-6
Advance Kindle e-book available from Amazon