How do you go about getting your first job? What do you do now that you’ve left school? Maybe you have questions about your rights, your health, sex, or drugs.

This section of our website helps find the answers to some of life’s questions.

My Life

These sites for teens deal with issues such as health, sexuality, drugs and alcohol.

Self Help

These sites have been developed especially for young New Zealanders.

Health Promotion Agency

Covers everything including buying alcohol,the law, age limits, identification showing proof of age, areas with drinking bans, throwing parties, and alcohol and your health.


Free to search and gives advice and answers to questions about your body and mind. Click on ‘for Teens’ and you’re there.

The Lowdown

About helping young Kiwis understand and deal with depression. It is free and interactive. It has heaps of really good information and is easy to use.

Advice Hub

Part of the NZ Youthline site and free to use, with the option to join. Find lots of helpful stuff about your mind, your body, drugs and alcohol, relationships, the law.

My Career

Need help in getting your first job, developing and writing your CV or checking out careers that might interest you?


Dunedin Public Libraries offers a variety of print resources helpful for job hunting and developing a career.


Check out these sites on getting a job or finding out about careers.

Careers NZ

Create your own CV, discover the jobs and careers that match your interests and find the education and training you need.

Australian Jobsearch

This is Australia’s largest free online jobs website. You can search for jobs by occupation and location.


An employment search engine: in a single search you can access thousands of jobs published on websites throughout the world.

Local Government Careers

New Zealand local councils offer a huge range of jobs and career opportunities. Councils have jobs for engineers, planners, environmental health officers, building consents officers, librarians, animal control officers and many more.


Promotes jobs throughout NZ with connection to te ao Māori and is the most complete listing of Māori-focused positions available.


Interested in doing an apprenticeship but not sure where to start? This site covers everything, like finding a modern apprenticeship coordinator to get you started.

My Rights

No matter your age, sex or nationality, you have rights. You have the right to be treated fairly and the right to make certain choices and decisions. In New Zealand, as you get older you earn more rights.

These websites will help you discover more about your rights and the responsibilities that go with them.

Youthlaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki

A virtual community law centre for children and young people throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand. We hope that this site will encourage you to learn more about your rights.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance is about reducing prejudice and improving inter-group relationships. The site is free to use and includes parts for teens, kids, parents and teachers.