Countries and Culture

Mexico, Mozambique, Morocco and more! Try these comprehensive websites for country profiles, statistics and cultural information.

CIA World Factbook

From the US government, includes extensive facts and data about each country. For Intermediate/Secondary level

Factmonster Countries

Each country profile includes information about the geography, history, population, language, economy and government. For Primary/Intermediate level

InfoPlease Countries

Also a Pearson Education site, includes the same information as FactMonster but is laid out in a different way to make it easier to navigate. For Primary/Intermediate level

Lonely Planet

Find out about your favourite destinations before you travel. Lonely Planet has fast facts for each country as well as practical tips on accommodation, activities, money, health, safety and visas.

Ministry for Culture & Heritage

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage supports many of NZ’s arts, media,  heritage and sports institutions. It works to enrich the lives of all New Zealanders by promoting a confident and connected culture.

NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade

Contains information about New Zealand’s trading partners around the world. For Intermediate/Secondary level

UNESCO World Heritage Centre

This site contains UNESCO‘s list of World Heritage sites. New Zealand has three documents of national significance included as part of the UNESCO Memory of the World program.