Library Citation - Edith Heffernan

The 2006 Dunedin Public Libraries Citation recipient was Edith Heffernan.

The award was presented at the library's annual Christmas morning tea for volunteers and others who had assisted the library during the year.

2006 Citation Details

This Citation is presented to Edith Heffernan on 12 December 2006 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the provision of library services to the Strath Taieri community.

Edith served as President of the Middlemarch Community Library in 1990-91 and as Secretary and Librarian for over 25 years.

Edith has demonstrated a dedication to serving the community in all weather conditions and has willingly shared her extensive knowledge of literature with library users in selecting books, which will appeal to individual preferences and interests.

When members of the community have been unable to visit the Library, Edith has personally selected books and delivered them to their homes.

This voluntary and invaluable contribution by Edith has enriched the social and cultural life of the Middlemarch community.