Library Citation - Merle van de Klundert

The 2005 Dunedin Public Libraries Citation recipient was Merle van de Klundert.

The award was presented at the library's annual Christmas morning tea for volunteers and others who had assisted the library during the year.

2005 Citation Details

This citation is presented to Merle van de Klundert on 13 December 2005 in recognition of her contribution to the Dunedin Public Libraries Association (Friends of the Library) and to historical research in New Zealand.

Merle van de Klundert has held the office of President of the Association for 2 years.

Dunedin Public Libraries is indebted to Merle, and to all previous presidents and committees, for their enthusiastic and ongoing support of the Library. The contribution from The Friends of the Library over many years is greatly valued.

Merle has researched and written a history of the Friends of the Library from its inception until the present, as well as contributing to research and writing other local histories.