Library Citation - Charmian Smith

The 2009 Dunedin Public Libraries Citation recipient was Charmian Smith.

The award was presented at the library's annual Christmas morning tea for volunteers and others who had assisted the library during the year.

2009 Citation Details

Charmian Smith has actively supported the library both professionally in her capacity as an editor and feature writer for the Otago Daily Times, and personally as an enthusiastic member of the library.

While working as general books editor, Charmian organised the donation of large numbers of review copies of books to the library. Last year, the gift consisted of over 200 titles including a number of expensive, illustrated books that were a very welcome addition to the collections. These books would have gone to individuals or some other institution were it not for Charmian’s intervention, on behalf of the library.

In addition, Charmian was responsible for the collection of monetary donations from her ODT colleagues, in exchange for review copies. This sum has been set aside by the library for the purchase of materials that might not otherwise be bought within existing budgets.

Charmian has also been generous in sharing information on books she reviews for the ODT and has promoted the library through her feature writing. She has also made many valuable and knowledgeable suggestions for purchase.

Charmian’s involvement with the library is a good example of the partnership that can exist between the Dunedin public and their library. This longstanding and generous support deserves to be publically acknowledged.