Library Citation - Mandy Mayhem

The 2012 Dunedin Public Libraries Citation recipients was Mandy Mayhem.

The award was presented at the library's annual Christmas morning tea for volunteers and others who had assisted the library during the year.

2012 Citation Details

This citation is presented to Mandy Mayhem on 12 December 2012, in recognition of her life-long love and support for her local library community.

Mandy Mayhem was raised in Waitati, where, as a child, she borrowed her books from the Blueskin Bay Library, and spent a lot of time helping out the staff as a teenager; even giving the new library a lick of fresh paint in 1993.

Mandy returned to Waitati in 2003, and continued her active involvement, giving generously of her time and talent to organize and run events for children, particularly for Community Librarians, Louise Booth at Blueskin Bay Library and Ainslie Heather at Port Chalmers Library. Whether dressed as a pirate, a witch, a queen or in an outfit that defies categorization, Mandy has brought books to life, with energy, style and flair.

Mandy has captured the imagination of generations of young library members, and was  best summed up after a recent visit to the Port Chalmers Library by Koputai Day Care Centre, when a little boy told his mum he could have run away to sea with her, after seeing Mandy in all her pirate finery.