Research Policy Charges

Research is defined as in-depth work done by Library staff on behalf of a client at the client's request. This is an added value service for which there is a charge.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

Reference searches involving up to 30 minutes of staff time will be provided free of charge.

If more time is necessary to provide the information requested clients will be given the option of continuing by themselves or authorising staff to carry out further research on their behalf at a charge. An estimate of the cost will be provided.

Charges apply to all categories of Library client requiring research assistance, regardless of age.

This includes school children and tertiary students, who will be made aware of the option of referral to libraries in their own institutions as their first source of information.

It is important to note that there can be no guarantee that the information sought will be found.

Staff will use their judgement to determine the likely degree of success before recommending whether or not to proceed.


Research charges will be at the rate set by Council from time to time, as shown in the current Dunedin City Council Annual Plan. Please enquire for the current rate.

Any additional direct costs incurred in carrying out a research inquiry such as electronic database searches, faxes, photocopies, courier charges, and postage will be charged to the client at cost.