Display/Noticeboards/Petitions Policy

Dunedin Public Libraries exists to provide the Dunedin community with access to knowledge for the purposes of information, education, recreation and culture.

The Library serves the whole community and seeks to reflect the interests and opinions of all the members of that community.

Displaying materials is a means of providing access to information.

The Dunedin City Library and the Community Libraries provide display space and noticeboards free of charge to individuals and groups who wish to promote their activities and express their opinions through this medium.

The Library endorses the Statement on Displays in Public Libraries, adopted by the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Library Aotearoa.

The Library takes a neutral stance on the same acceptance of such displays, notices and petitions, subject to the following criteria:

  • Displays, notices and petitions are accepted only if they clearly show the name of the responsible group or individual.
  • Displays, notices and petitions which contravene the law, incite the contravention of the law or duplicate a current Dunedin City Council consultation process will not be accepted.
  • The Library will not accept party political material or commercial sale, rental or hire material without wider community benefit for displays or noticeboards.
  • The Library accepts advertising for artistic, sporting, cultural events and lectures or classes, but excludes advertising for other commercial activities.
  • The Library does not accept liability for any damage to or theft of displayed materials.
  • All display areas and noticeboards will display a clear statement that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Library or the Dunedin City Council.
  • Where a display incorporates Library materials, the Library reserves the right to ensure that these represent a balanced cross-section of views, especially where the topic may be controversial.
  • Display space is booked in advance and allocated on a first come basis, for a maximum of two weeks. No one issue shall be featured more than once a year. The Library reserves the right to decline the use of display space if the standard or content of display materials is considered inappropriate.
  • In the case of doubt as to the appropriateness of any material presented for display on community noticeboards or petitions left for community consultation, the decision of the Library Services Manager or Community Librarian in the case of Community libraries will be final.

Last Updated: 24 November 2011